Meeting Point

sogol kashani / contemporary art / iranian artist / iranian contemporary art
Ink on Paper 32.5x24cm

When we meet our hands are tied up. We are surrender when we come together – somewhere on this land that we are living on.
Perhaps we struggle to liberate ourselves. Perhaps we try to free our hands. It is useless. Maybe because the soil calls us and that’s the time we fell down on the soil at the meeting point because of the unbearable pain which wear you out and it is clear that any endurance brings you pain and makes you suffer. When you fell down on the soil you know that your fatigue will leave you forever but you try hard not to fell. You try hard to endure and any endurance makes you suffer.
We will fall down with our hands tied up. All of us know it well. On that point where we come together we will try to free our hands at least to be able to touch the hands of the others in these last moments because we know that loneliness is more painful.
Soil calls you. It calls me either and we will meet it in the meeting point. We will accept its invitation maybe not entirely by our free will but forcefully. But its attraction is fascinating and its appointment is mandatory. It seems that we all know it well.